We offer custom web intelligence solutions for the enterprise.

What sets us apart is our quick onboarding, reliable support, and advanced capabilities.

Unhappy with your existing web crawling solution?

We specialize in complex projects that others find challenging.

Limited by your current solution's capabilities? Frustrated by your existing vendor?

We are here to help!
Limited coverage?
We can handle any data source, from websites with advanced anti-scraping protections to mobile apps.
No customization?
We support customer-defined data processing, mapping, and grouping.
Missing data?
Our advanced reporting system automatically alerts us if data collection is interrupted.
Slow support?
We respond to customer tickets within 24 hours.
Sluggish onboarding?
We have a track record of successfully onboarding 100s of websites within 3 months of project start.
Need more?
We support advanced capabilities such as image recognition and working in multiple languages.


Step 01

Understand your requirements

To get going, we want to know which sources and data are of interest.
Step 02

Provide proof of concept

Sample data helps both sides ensure that we are on the right track.
Step 03

Finalize scope

Together, we work out remaining details such as frequency and reporting.
Step 04

Rapid project onboarding

We maintain a track record of quickly getting up and running.
Step 05

Regular data delivery

You begin receiving high-quality data on a regular basis.
Step 06

Prompt ongoing support

Rapid response to quickly address issues and avoid data interruptions.


icon - fully managed
Fully-managed service
Tell us your requirements and we will take care of everything else, from building and maintaining the crawlers to processing and delivering data.
icon - covarage
Complete coverage
Our crawlers can work with all data sources - including mobile websites, desktop websites, PDFs, images, and even mobile apps.
icon - flexibile
Flexible data processing
We can transform scraped data to fit your requirements, including cleaning, translating, validating, and enriching data.
icon - consistent
Consistent data delivery
We support any cadence and can do delivery via CSV, JSON, API, direct database access, or a custom end-user-facing website.
icon - high quality
Outstanding support and reporting
We take pride in maintaining a very high bar for service and quality, proactively detecting, reporting, and solving issues as they arise.
icon - advanced
Advanced capabilities
Our crawlers can handle complex challenges including website protections, OCR, capturing images, taking screenshots, and recognizing named-entities.

Use cases

icon - pricing intelligence
Pricing intelligence
icon - complience
icon - market intelligence
Market intelligence
icon - supply chain visibility
Supply chain visibility
icon - fraud detection
Fraud detection
icon - promotional insight
Promotional insights
icon - competitor tracking
Competitor tracking
brand monitoring icon
Brand monitoring

Not seeing your case?

No worries, we can tailor a custom case for your needs.

Selected projects

Leading telecom

location icon
type of project icon
Competitive intelligence
calendar icon
2021 - ongoing


Competitors tracked


Devices monitored


Lines of business covered

2x / day


Leading smartphone company

location icon
Cupertino, CA
type of project icon
Pricing intelligence
calendar icon
2019 - ongoing


Data points captured on a weekly basis


Websites tracked


Countries covered



Leading social networking company

location icon
Menlo Park, CA
type of project icon
Market intelligence
calendar icon
2018 - ongoing


Users’ activity captured


Products tracked


Publishers covered



About us

Indexed was founded in 2018 by experienced serial entrepreneurs, who have previously built 3 tech companies.

Our engineering, data, and support teammates span the globe, from San Francisco, CA to Sofia, Bulgaria.

We focus exclusively on complex web intelligence projects for the Fortune 500.